Benefits of a custom garden office for working from home

Published on: Wed 1 Mar 2023

A reoccurring trend that (thankfully) outlived the COVID pandemic, the idea of working from home has gained a lot of traction over recent years. With many of us switching from the office chair to the sofa, it’s left workers frustrated with their lack of a proper workspace. However, there is a solution. At Custom Garden Rooms, we build high-quality bespoke garden spaces, tailored to your needs. If what you need is a custom garden office, then we’re here to help and tell you what the benefits will be.

It’s in your garden

As simple as it sounds, reducing your commute to a mere walk across the garden is a bigger convenience than you’d think. Working from home gives you more time in the morning and evening to make the most of your day, as well as cutting down wear and tear on your car and the cost of fuel every week. What’s not to like?

Less distractions

It’s very easy to give in to temptation sometimes. You’re working hard and you can see the TV remote with the corner of your eye. Rather than testing your willpower, investing in an custom garden office helps you remain focused on the task in hand. By separating your workspace from your home, you can set the two apart while still remaining a stone’s throw away from your back door.

Custom Built Garden Room
A nicer place to be

Blending work with your home life may seem like a good idea, but you may end up feeling stifled in your own surroundings. With the light, airy atmosphere that our rooms bring, a garden office will be able to give you that breathing space you need when working from home. If, in the summer, it gets a little bit too warm, open your French doors and let a gentle breeze in while you’re concentrating on your work.

A room for all seasons

As we mentioned before, a custom garden office space is perfect for enjoying the warmer weather while at work. But these rooms aren’t just for the summertime. With the high-quality insulation that comes as standard, all our structures are built to be utilised and enjoyed all year round, no matter what the Great British weather throws at us.

Home Office Outdoors
Increased privacy

Part of the reason why an office garden room is a nicer place to be is down to how much more privacy you’ll have. If your work involves a lot of business calls and communication with others, then a garden office will give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re not disturbing anyone – and no one will be disturbing you.

Whatever size works for you

A common misconception that people have about garden offices is that they’ll take up all the space in your garden. The whole idea of having an office garden space is having a work area which is suited to your specifications. Take the Mini, from our Garden Rooms range which is fully customisable to suit any garden it’s built into. A garden office is about convenience and should remain that way from the first time your start your work day. We’ll look at your available garden space and what your requirements are and design and build a room that slots perfectly into your outdoor space.

It doesn’t always have to be an office

Jobs are always changing, and if and when you decide a change in your career is needed then what’s left of your garden office is a blank space to use in whatever way you want. A home gym? Games room? Cinema? The choice is very much yours. You don’t even have to wait to change to your job, why not use your custom garden room solely on the weekdays? Our rooms are versatile so be sure to make the most of yours. With the electrical outlets and some additional soundproofing, you’re free to use it for whatever you desire!

If you’re currently working from home and need that change of scenery, take a look through our range of bespoke garden rooms. If you have any other queries, contact us via [email protected] or call us on 0333 577 1212.