Benefits of an office garden room

Published on: Mon 14 Aug 2023

Flexible working has now become the norm for many businesses, with employers offering hybrid or even fully remote working opportunities. In fact, research following work from home as a result of the pandemic showed that many workers were more productive working from home compared with an office environment.

But for working from home to be really beneficial – for both employers and employees – it’s important that workers have a dedicated space that allows them to work. Investing in an office garden room, or even a garden office pod if you have limited space, can provide a great dedicated working location. But what are the other benefits of having an outdoor garden office?

More free time

On average, we spend almost a year of our working lives travelling to and from work. Now more than ever, we want to maximise our free time as much as we can. A dedicated office garden room will save you time – no more time lost in the morning commuting, more time once you log off to enjoy your evenings with your family. There’s also the added benefit of reducing your stress. Whether you travel to work via car, train or you cycle, it can often be stressful ensuring your journey doesn’t result in you being late for work. With your own garden office pod, your journey to the ‘office’ is reduced, helping you start each day feeling positive and stress-free.

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Get inspired

Having a space that motivates you is important. When we say motivates, we don’t mean a space that’s emblazoned with ‘you can do it’ slogans, we mean more a space that helps keep you engaged, inspires you and provides you with enough breathing space to concentrate. Investing in an office garden room allows you to make the most of your garden – and if you’re lucky enough to boast an enviable view, you can make the most of your beautiful surroundings. As our garden office spaces are 100% customisable, you can also make them truly yours. From the size to the finishings, you can make a space that promotes effective working – or even a space that doubles up as a relaxation area for when you’re not working.

Enjoy your home more

The biggest issue many have when working from home is having an area that they can have privacy and peace and quiet. Trying to work in a bedroom or on the kitchen table means you’re likely to get distracted, or generally feel like you don’t have enough space. Taking yourself out of the home and into your own garden office pod gives you a space that’s just yours. You can enjoy much needed downtime and focus on the task at hand. This also means you can have a clear separator from your home and working life.

Get outside more

When we get bogged down by an office 9 to 5, we can often forget to take time for breaks and getting out into the fresh air. Working in your own garden office room, you’ll literally be surrounded by your natural surroundings. Not only can this be a great change from the often boring scenery you may experience in an office building, but it can also help you develop healthy habits. Looking out of your garden room window can help encourage you to take breaks outdoors – whether this is a stroll around your garden or getting out of your home space completely. The natural surroundings can also do wonders for your mental health, supporting your overall wellbeing as well as your workload.

Make your own dream working space with Custom Garden Rooms. No matter the space you have available, we can design and build an outdoor living space that fulfils your requirements. Take a look at our range of bespoke garden rooms to get inspired today. Don’t have much space? We also provide garden pods which help you get the office you need, on a smaller scale.