Oblique Garden Room

A room with character

With its unique, slanted sides, the Oblique is the perfect garden room for those looking to add character to their outdoor space. Despite its characterful design, the Oblique garden room is easy and cost-effective to maintain, with its projecting roof offering the front face additional protection from weathering all year round.

Perfect for any outdoor space, the Oblique’s overhanging roof also allows owners to open the garden room doors whilst it is raining and snowing. Complete with its slanted sides, also known as ‘cheeks’, this garden room’s concave design makes it the perfect nook-like retreat in your own back garden.


See the Oblique garden room come to life

The Oblique is uniquely designed to add character to your garden and offers a versatile space that you can use all year round for anything you like. Looking for more inspiration? Take a look through our gallery.

Your room. Your way.

Do you have bigger plans for your custom room? The Oblique can be customised to suit all your garden room needs, including size, materials and of course its use. From a choice of outdoor motion sensors and decking on the exterior, to a selection of wood flooring and USB sockets on the inside, the possibilities for your custom garden room are endless.

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Standard features

The Oblique garden room comes complete with a range of high quality, standard features.

  • Structure
    • High performance, fully installed ground screw foundations with 25-year guarantee on galvanising
    • EPDM rubber roof with a 50-year life expectancy
  • Insulation
    • Plastered walls and ceilings
    • Fully insulated with 100mm PIR foil faced board and 100mm Earthwool
    • All garden rooms are wrapped in top quality wind tight, water-resistant breather membrane
  • Electrical
    • Exterior up/down lights
    • Portable oil filled heater with timer
    • Full electrics that include 4 double sockets, interior panel lights and a 2-way consumer unit – site hook up is quoted separately
  • Doors & Windows
    • 1500mm anthracite UPVC French doors with A rated glass
  • Finishes & Trims
    • Tanalised redwood cladding
    • Finished in white matt emulsion
  • Flooring
    • Laminate floor in a colour and style of your choosing

Optional extras

Our optional extras are specially selected to help bring your project to life and make your garden room bespoke to you.

  • Base
    • Resin plate system for concrete slabs
  • Insulation
    • Upgrade for more acoustic sound insulation in walls and ceilings – perfect for music rooms, cinemas or office privacy
  • Electrical
    • Extra lighting and socket options
    • USB sockets
    • Downlighters
    • Exterior motion sensor
    • Cat 6 ethernet cable
  • Doors, Windows & Glazing
    • UPVC anthracite French doors in multiple sizes
    • UPVC anthracite slide doors in multiple sizes
    • Aluminium anthracite or black French doors in multiple sizes
    • Aluminium anthracite or black slide doors in multiple sizes
    • Aluminium anthracite or black Bifold doors
    • Selections of different styles and sizes to suit building
    • All seasons thermally efficient solar glass
    • Integrated blinds (within glass)
  • Cladding
    • Thermowood
    • Larch
    • Cedar
    • Composite cladding in a choice of colours
  • Flooring & Decking
    • Vinyl-click
    • Engineered wood floor
    • Anthracite composite decking

Fully customisable

Our commitment to building garden rooms that are bespoke to your needs is what sets us apart from our rivals. Everything from flooring to fascias, through to size and shape is fully customisable.


Any space. Any size.

The Custom Garden Rooms team are always up for a challenge. We use our years of industry experience and knowledge to create your perfect garden room in any space, and to fit any size.


Complies with permitted development rights

Garden rooms are not ‘habitable’ spaces, i.e., you aren’t living in one, so they do not require planning permission. This makes the project timelines for garden rooms infinitely quicker than annexes.


Do you have a question?

  • Do I need planning permission?

    In most cases, our standard garden room buildings (up to 30sq metres) do not require planning permission as they are built to comply with permitted development rights. However, rooms that are ‘habitable’ such as bedrooms, do require planning permission and building regulations.

  • What is the difference between a garden annexe and garden room?

    Put simply, a garden annexe is a ‘habitable room’ meaning it contains living accommodation. Due to this, planning permission will need to be obtained and building regulations approval will also be required, but don’t worry we can help with all this. The construction of the building is also modified to adhere to all of the above.

  • Are these buildings warm enough in the winter?

    Absolutely! Our garden rooms are designed for year-round use, and are well insulated and come with an electric heater.

  • Can a garden room be adjusted to suit different shapes and sizes?

    Absolutely! Rarely are two garden rooms the same, we’ll create a garden room that’s bespoke to you and your needs.

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Need inspiration?

We have a complete gallery of beautiful, custom garden rooms and annexes that we’ve created over the years. Why not take a look and get some fresh inspiration for your very own bespoke garden living space?