Oblique | Garden Room Gym


The brief

Our client Chris, and his wife, came to us looking to install a dedicated space for an outdoor gym. Their requirement came after the first lockdown, and after having COVID. They wanted to invest in their health and develop a space that all the family could use for years to come, whilst also providing a location for them to store all their gym equipment which was taking up valuable real estate within the home!

Not only did Chris and his wife want the garden room gym to be functional, they also wanted it tick all the boxes from a design perspective. They had a well-sized garden which provided a wide range of possibilities, but they wanted this placed in the corner of the garden which ultimately determined the size and shape of the outdoor space.

6m x 3.6m
10 days to
fully install

Crafting the perfect at-home gym

Due to the size of the garden, all materials were dropped off at the site, and hand balled down the garden which had an impressive size. We has developed an initial plan which the client was happy with first time, and they even trusted us with our recommendations of optional upgrades to make it truly bespoke to them.


Built to last

We wanted to make sure that our clients had an open space. Our 4-metre bi-fold doors did just that, providing a great way to allow in natural light and an indoor/outdoor working out space during the warmer months. The quality of the doors also means that when used during the colder months, the studio will retain heat. The design included decking and cedar cladding for real wow factor, which ensured that the studio garden room was a positive addition to the clients outdoor space.


The result

The garden room gym was completed with a wide range of finishes, including cedar cladding, vinyl click flooring for durability, upgraded insulation to ensure the space could be enjoyed throughout the year and the bi-fold doors. Once completed, the client added their own touches with the addition of their extensive gym equipment, mirrors, signage and sports memorabilia. The finished product is a high-quality, completely custom garden room studio which will last the family years to come – even if they choose the change the intended purpose of the space.

The family now enjoy working out in their own personal gym 3-4 times a week, with a space they can all use together – whilst revelling in the extra space they’ve acquired inside the home!

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