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“Meticulous planning to ensure the product is what you want and need. Great communication and the team are hardworking, polite, and tidy. Andy and Jay run a tight ship. It’s a yes from me!”

Jenny, Shrewsbury

The brief

This is a project that had been in the works for some time. We first met Jenny 12 months before we commenced work on the space. Jenny was running her physiotherapy business from an expensive rented space at the time, but she needed a change – and an option that would be most cost effective in the long-run.

Jenny felt that a garden room would be the best option for her, but the space needed to meet some specific size requirements. In addition, as Jenny would be using her garden room for conducting business, planning permission was required before building could commence. All of our designs were developed with Jenny’s input, and presented as part of the application for planning permission so our end vision was clear.

5.5m x 4m
10 days to
fully install

Creating the perfect business space

The specifications for Jenny’s garden room studio were confirmed ahead of time, with the space agreed on as 5.5m x 4m. The size gave us the freedom to play with the layout and create the best design possible for both Jenny and her own clients. We wanted to make sure Jenny’s clients could access the space easily when visiting her at the studio, so features like the size of the toilet room and where the doors were positioned were considered.


Getting built for business

The plan was for the studio garden room to be built on top of a tarmac drive. This part of the build plan meant that a resin plate base would be needed for this project to be success – however, this meant that we didn’t need to excavate our client’s drive before construction, as the tarmac would be able to take the weight.

Once the structure was up, we got to work installing the toilet, running water and waste hook up to make sure that after 10 days, Jenny’s new studio would be ready and fit for purpose.


The result

After Jenny installed her physiotherapy garden studio, she finally had the personal workspace that she deserved and needed. This also allowed her to provide her own clients with a more private and comforting place to receive treatments.

Our client wanted to make the most of the view from her garden. Decking on the exterior provides the perfect spot for Jenny to enjoy her surroundings – either whilst working or during her downtime. Through the installed aluminium bi-fold doors, beautiful, natural light comes into the space, which also provides Jenny’s clients the opportunity to enjoy the incredible views. Other features installed in Jenny’s garden room studio included a mix of cedar and fibre cement board, vinyl click flooring and upgraded lighting. To ensure she could comfortably use her office all year round, Jenny also upgraded her insulation.

Upon completion of her garden room, Jenny left us the following review on social media: “A wonderful first week of admiration from my patients at Shrewsbury Physiotherapy & Orthotics. My clinic ticks all the boxes and your professionalism and high standards have made this such a stress-free experience. Thank you, Andy, Jay and all the team.”

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