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“I could not recommend Custom Garden rooms enough. The service has been outstanding from start to finish and now I have the garden room of my dreams.”

Karen Cloughley, Telford

The brief

After moving house, our client, Karen, wanted to utilise the extra space in her garden as best as she could. A yoga enthusiast, Karen wanted to invest in an outdoor studio space where should practice yoga and (potentially) include a sauna room. This would allow her to maximise her garden space, whilst freeing up space within the home.

One of the main criteria Karen had during our initial discussions was that she wanted to create a garden studio without using more space than was necessary. She also had a specific budget in mind, which we used to guide the design and build of the garden room, and we used our experience to suggest ways that Karen could see her vision come to life, whilst sticking to the budget.

4.7m x 3m
07 days to
fully install

Working with a limited space

The size Karen wanted to work within meant we were limited, but the end result of the design and final build worked out exactly as we (and the client) envisioned, with perfect proportions. The dimensions of the studio garden room were initially smaller than the final product but, following a site inspection, we re-mapped out the floorspace. Following the new layout design, the client decided to make the garden room larger, which allowed for a more spacious yoga studio. We agreed on a new design which measured 4.7m x 3m which allowed for a more usable space.


Breaking down the build

Based on Karen’s requirements for the studio, we knew that the garden room needed to be well insulated. We used rockwool and foil faced insulation (both 100mm thick), to ensure that no dry heat would be lost in the structure whilst the sauna was in use. A mixture of redwood cladding and fibre cement boards to the sides were added, in addition to PVC French doors and fixed windows to the front of the studio. These were added to welcome in natural light for when Karen utilised the space for Yoga or simple relaxing. Painted MDF walls and ceiling claddings completed the build.


The result

We committed to completing the garden room sauna before the Christmas period, which gave us 7 days to prepare the area and complete the build. The sauna was purchased separately, which we installed for Karen post-Christmas. There were some small hinderances to the project, such as parking restrictions which meant we had to handball all components for the garden room – which was a considerable distance – but we achieved our goal of finishing the structure ahead of Christmas.

The client has fed back that the addition of the sauna garden room has improved their quality of life, providing them with a dedicated space, away from the busyness of homelife, foe them to enjoy their relaxing pastimes. On the finished product, Karen said: “Andy’s initial consultation and advice was very clear and precise, meaning there was only one company I trusted with my project. Safe to say they delivered on every front. Thank you, Custom Garden Rooms!”

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