Small office ideas for your garden

Published on: Mon 16 Jan 2023

More people than ever have started working from home as opposed to going into an office. The space in which you work needs to be suitable for you, providing a calm, comfortable and quiet space. To bring in some fresh surroundings from the comfort of your own home, a garden office is a great option to have.

Growing popularity of working from home

One of the biggest (and obvious) reasons for this rise in popularity in working from home is the Coronavirus outbreak. With everyone staying at home during lockdown, many found themselves doing their work either in the living room or the kitchen. Fast forward a couple years later, and the trend continues. After COVID, fifty of the biggest employers in the country made it clear they have no plans to return all staff to the office full-time. Many people have also adopted a ‘hybrid’ work schedule, meaning there is now a considerable need for personal office space.

Office Garden Room | Custom Garden Rooms
Constraints of working from home

Space. The ability to move freely from your workstation is a privilege you can only fully experience when working in an office. When working from home, it’s easy to feel trapped in your own surroundings. Without a proper office to work in, you may also find it to be uncomfortable to work around the house with no fixed set up.

When working from home, there are so many more distractions to deal with than if you were still in the office: pets, TV, children, as well as all the surrounding noise from outside. Without a dedicated in-house office of your own, it makes it even harder for you to keep your concentration. These distractions need to be limited for you to remain productive.

How a Custom Garden Room can help

With a garden room office, you have the benefit of your own space. A separate structure which is a stone’s throw away from your home. By separating both work and home life, you will be able to take a break from staying inside your house all the time by adding some breathing space. None of our options are as good at creating a pleasant working environment than the Tetra garden room. The dual aspect windows help you take full advantage of all the natural light your garden has to offer, helping the space be light and airy.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different when it comes to creating a workspace. Our garden room offices are designed and built tailored to your unique requirements. If you need an office but don’t have much room in your garden, then our Mini garden pod would be perfect for a confined space. With sizes only going up to 3m by 3m, you can find the separate work environment you need in this small, but mighty package.

Garden Room Office | Custom Garden Rooms

What if you want something more than just an office space? What about a place to relax if the sun’s shining? Our unique Oblique can be built to any size and specification required, helping you add more variety to your surroundings and personality to your office garden room. With the projected roof, the sun doesn’t have to be shining for you to open a window or door and enjoy the fresh air while doing your work.

For more information on our custom garden rooms, get in touch with our team or explore our garden room designs.